This Game is a Demo game in a Flash Mx Design Book which also has alot of other demo games in it that you can edited in flash. This was also the template for my mario world. If you would like to buy the book or check it out click on the link.

Although this is a demo game you can edit the game to create your own game and graphics.If you're tired of the games that you have and want to make your own action, this book offers comprehensive coverage of sophisticated techniques--but put in easy-to-grasp, practical terms.

Read the book for ideas on how to edit or create a new game from scratch. The book's companion CD includes the source files for a number of games as well as the tutorials and lessons that go along with the book and XML server software to facilitate multiplayer games.

The Book will help you tackle simple-logic and quiz games before moving on to multiplayer and complex-logic games (chess, for example)--learning about importing 3-D graphics, adding sound effects, and licensing your games in the process.

You can also add your own game music, Cool backgrounds, different bad guys or good guys. You can also edit the different levels and create as many levels as you want.

  • Flexible Layout
  • Compatible with Common Browsers, Smartphones and Tablet Pc's
  • Background Tiles